Thursday, December 9, 2010


One of my achievements yesterday was to move my computer from the spare bedroom to the living room. You won't believe how pleased I was when I'd finished plugging everything in and found that it works! I still have to figure out how to manage the tangle of cords, though. Perhaps some kind of fancy braiding . . . ?I'm hoping I can find some sort of tube or cover to hide it all in.

I also managed to disassemble, move and reassemble my big desk. It caused me a fair bit of frustration when I first put it together. So It was a pleasant surprise to find it all went together smoothly.

Today I need to clean up the mess in the Studio left by the Installer-from-Hell. Then I'm hoping to tackle some of the shelving. At the moment I'm in that awkward space where I've packed and moved too many things to be able to do any creative work in the house, while the Studio is not set up enough to be useful yet. I'm not complaining, though. It still feels very exciting and I'm looking forward to my first projects in my new space.

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