Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I realised after I posted this crochet Christmas star ornament the other day that I hadn't included anything in the picture to give an indication of size. I've made four of them now. The other thing I've realised is that it's going to take an awful lot of little stars before I use up my 100 gram ball of fine mercerised cotton. I originally dyed it thinking of a weaving project.
Four stars have used up about 10 grams. Unless I get a sudden burst of starry enthusiasm, there will be enough for years to come! 


Dee said...

when I opened todays post Ra was sitting next to me. I quote, "Ooooooo I LIKE!".
Well really what's not to like...
colour - check
shape - check
cuteness factor - check

Textile Tragic said...

:) my young friend who loves blue and stars--it could have been designed for her, really.