Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've been investigating the idea of "quilt as you go" lately. Frankly the challenge of trying to fit a large quilt under a small domestic sewing machine has become a little stale. And I have students facing the same issue. The idea of quilt as you go is to quilt smaller units and then combine them to make the finished quilt. It seems like a logical solution to the problem. As I say, I've been investigating . . . and there are several different approaches to the challenge. Now it's time to choose an approach and try it. I won't use a full size quilt, though. I'd like to try a few of the different techniques and I don't want to waste time, effort and fabric. On the other hand I had set aside these fabrics as scrap.
Just right to use for a sample--and they even match. In fact the floral looks better than I remember it with a little morning sunshine and the contrast of the timber table top . . .

Here's my plan for the day. The forecast is for 30--double what it was earlier in the week. I still have plenty of weeding to do in the garden. I'll tackle that before the weather warms up too much. Then I can turn the air conditioner on in my studio and have a go at this. Unfortunately the studio is rather a mess at the moment, but I should be able to clear enough space. 


joseph said...

I'd rather be there turning on the air con then worrying if this Siberian winter we've been promised (-20) is going to turn up;-)

Textile Tragic said...

-20 is crazy cold!