Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pretty Plain

This garter stitch square will be a pretty face washer.
A crochet border will dress it up just enough I think. Last week I made one entirely in crochet with one of my little flowers to add a bright spot. Unfortunately my muscles didn't enjoy the constant repetition of the one stitch--there's a twisting motion in the wrist involved in crochet which gets wearing after a while. I've had to be careful since then not to do more than a bit at a time until things settle down. That's a pity because often it's the meditative rhythm of the work that I enjoy.


Dee said...

A crochet edge will add to the pretty and stabilise the washer too. Our earliest washers tended to stretch too much making them harder to use. (changing the shape to the double triangle fixed that but I know that wasn't as pleasant to knit up.)

Textile Tragic said...

Sounds good.