Monday, November 21, 2011

Craft Date

My friend L and I have been planning to get together to fix this necklace for ages.
Every time I've seen her at work lately I've been aware of the little bag of necklace bits sitting on her desk. The necklace was a gift and it's a favourite of hers. Apologies for not crediting the designer--I have no idea. As for the construction methods--I think it really did wear out from overuse! The lightweight coconut shell buttons and sequins are threaded together with something that looks a lot like fishing line. I ended up joining on a piece of tigertail to re-thread the beads that had come adrift.

And the extra little thread on L's black t-shirt--consider it a bonus from my studio. It's impossible to go out there without picking up something.


Knitspingirl said...

Love the necklace.
As for it being impossible to go out to the studio without picking up something (stray threads, bits of fluff) In my humble opinion, that's what all great studios should be like!

Textile Tragic said...