Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Winter Garden

I've been watching the weather forecast, looking for an opportunity to head out into the garden and continue my battle with the weeds. It's been raining this morning, but it looks like it may be clearing now. Meanwhile I've spent an easy half hour on another woolly rose. 
These ones don't need any weeding or feeding and they bloom in all weathers. What you can see in the pic is the newly knitted rose-to-be on the left. It's a strip of knitting with increases which make it curl and ruffle. To turn it into a flower like the one on the right, I need to wrap the strip in on itself, stitching as I go. I'm deliberately checking through the steps here because there's been a suggestion that I make up some kits to sell at the wool shop where they stock my handspun. So my next task is to see how much yarn each rose takes and then allow a bit extra just in case.

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Dee said...

I think that selling rose kits with the handspun yarns is a brilliant idea! I can picture it. :)