Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Testing, Testing

I'm following the idea of making kits for the rose brooches, so I made a couple more to check the details. Here's how the knitting looks before I begin casting off.
My biggest challenge is presentation and packaging. It's the subtly varied handspun yarn that makes these special and unique, so somehow I need the yarn to be visible. I'd like to include a photo of the finished brooch--even though the real thing would be on display--but I think a colour photo would be confusing since there's no way I'll be matching the colours. And the knitting is Oh-so-simple! Do I need to include step by step photos? I'm wondering about linking to a tutorial on my blog page. That would mean working out how to add tutorials. I'm guessing there's an option for that somewhere . . . 


Knitspingirl said...

Love your knitted roses & I think a kit is a great idea.
My 2 cents worth: colour printed instructions with step-by-step photos would be nice, but a bit pricey (printer ink isn't cheap!). I like the idea of a tutorial linked to your blog (I think you can do one in PDF form?) & then people can print it out themselves if they want to. I don't know if you can do this so people can pay for just the pattern if they want? I'd love one, but wouldn't want to diddle you out of "pattern designer" money!

Dee said...

It needs to inlude basic instructions but not necessarily step-by-step photos. A photo or two of main stages halps those us us who are not experienced knitters. One colour pic for the front is nice, but it would need to state that it is not the colour provided in the kit. seems obvious i know.
Some of the pattern variations would be fun too as I am sure that these things could be a little addictive.
A link to you blog is clever too as is a tutorial for the blog.
Heck, I could even volunteer to be your test subject. I am a very basic knitter and if I can follow the instructions, then anyone should be able to do so. I will volunteer on the condition that it doesn't mean that I would be expected to make all my own roses. :)

Textile Tragic said...

Hey, let's get this in perspective--you cast on knit a row, increase every stitch, knit a row, do it again and cast off, we're not talking rocket science and I'm sure I didn't invent it:) But I thought it would be nice to put it all in a bag and make it easy. Let's see how I go with the follow-through.

Anonymous said...

I was at the craft and quilt show today and I saw the kits you are describing. They had yarn, a color photo and a pattern for $15 The brooch backs were sold separately for $3 They also sold crochet kits.

Textile Tragic said...

Wow, I've been selling the rose brooches for $16 all done! Must have a look when I go to the show.

Anonymous said...

As you said - It's not rocket science.
I think $15 for a bit of yarn and $3 for the safety pin to go on the back is a complete rip off.
If I'm going to pay that price,
I want it already made.