Monday, July 18, 2011

Mix It Up

Here are some of the yarns from the bobbin I snapped yesterday, along with a couple of friends. They're all based on the same hand-dyed purple merino.

  • Across the top is a navaho-plied yarn.
  • On the far right, a thick and thin--I expect the big fluffy bits will felt a little;
  • In the middle is a black-purple marle yarn;
  • On the far left a bit of core-spun yarn--I made a fine single and a thicker one and wrapped one around the other. I like the texture and it's reasonably stable.
What to do with this little collection? I'm thinking of a scarf knit longways of big needles.


Dee said...

Oh this collection is sooooo nice. I look forward to seeing the lovely knitted item. it would look so good all done into one project.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks:) I think it's going to happen, just need to organise a few things first.