Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So, I finished the second sock. 

Not only that, I wove in the loose ends and now I have a pair ready to wear. There are a few sloppy bits and I'm still not really consistent with my tension when knitting in the round, but I think I'll try knitting a pair with finer wool on smaller needles next. It will take me from the slouchy home-socks to the wearing out category. Or if they don't work out too well, from the slouchy 8-ply to the finer home-socks. Either way I'll learn something. I have the appropriate wool already, so what am I waiting for?


Knitspingirl said...

Nice socks!
4ply ones do take a little longer to knit than the (almost) instant gratification 8ply ones, but they feel soooo nice to wear I bet you can't just stop at one pair!!
(Mwahahahaha - welcome to the dark side!!!!)

Textile Tragic said...

thanks--the number of times you've welcomed me to the dark side:) I just need to stay there a little longer!

Anonymous said...