Sunday, July 24, 2011

Same, Same?

Here are two more rose brooches. I think I'll give them a rest for a while after this, but first I'll try to explain how one thing leads to another. 
It all started when R bought one of these at the Neighbourhood House market. She's been wearing it and liking it and her friends have noticed. I bumped into her at a local cafe where she was having lunch with a friend. She introduced me as the person who made her brooch--and she'd like another one to go on her red coat. Maybe a black one. Her friend would like one too, make that two of them. What colours? Cream and red. Now those are two of the most versatile colours on the planet, so I try to sharpen the request. The cream is not just an off white, but maybe a bit buttery. The red is fiery, not pink. Now I've got something to work on, but then R and her friend pull out their purses and want to give me money.  Now we're moving from creative challenge to business transaction. Meanwhile I have other friends arriving for a meeting--we're planning a celebration for the Neighbourhood House's 20th birthday and are working on displays of old photos. R and her friend each have two pre-schoolers who have finished eating and are starting to play. I've pulled out my laptop to review photos. L takes the money and I jot a note on a piece of scrap paper: three rose brooches--"black, cream-buttery, fire red". I wrap the money in the scrap of paper and give it to L for safe-keeping.

Now I've got rose brooches on my mind--so many possibilities. I try mixing some colours--what about different shapes--I need more of the pins to sew them on. I'm not sure about the plain black, so I try one with a bit of silver. Two weeks later there are a dozen on my table. I'm going to call it a day. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to ring R. I'll show her the options and let her choose three. Then I'll work out what to do next. There are more markets coming up and lots more colours to explore. But it's time to stop for a breath. 

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