Sunday, April 22, 2012

Peyote Practice

I finished the peyote stitch cabuchon with a little beaded bail. And made a couple of little earings to match.

I'm thinking I'll string the cabuchon on a ribbon, since I'm not sure how much wear the beaded bail will take. The earings are a simple strip of peyote stitch using the same beads. I'll string them on jump rings since they're nice and light.

And no, I'm not planning any grand occasion for these classic beauties. I think I'll use them to dress up a plain t-shirt.


Dee said...

The cabuchon looks like it is loose in the beaded cover. Please tell me that it is a nice tight fit and only looks loose - it would be sad to have it fall out after all your effort.
The co-ordiating ear rings is a nice touch too.

Textile Tragic said...

It's fine my friend:) the last two rows of beads are smaller and more transparent than the others, so you can see the bead thread on this macro shot. I can't squeeze the cabuchon out when I try to so I'm sure it's secure.