Monday, April 30, 2012

and Bright Blue Beads

I've noticed "collar" style necklaces in the shops lately, but they're two chunky for my taste. Here's a much more delicate take on the idea.
Please excuse my dusty old black t-shirt, fresh from a bout of house cleaning. And please admire my cleverness in photographing the necklace in action. I suddenly realised that I could point the camera at myself and check the viewfinder in the reflection. The focus isn't brilliant, but it's better than the funny effects I would have got from the grotty mirror. Believe me! 

Just one more bit of cleverness to cap off a good day. I'm typing this on Sunday afternoon, but have scheduled the post for tomorrow morning when I'll be busy elsewhere. I know lot of people schedule posts, but I've never done it before. I'm hoping it will work.

Edited to add:
Not so clever after all. I've just got home and published this manually. Whatever I did to "schedule" it wasn't right. I'll have to try again sometime.


Dee said...

The necklace looks good.
I appreciate your cleverness with photography.
You'll get it sorted with the scheduling bit ... check that it is scheduled for AM and not PM when writing it at night for the next morning. If you schedule for the following day you have to change time as well as which side of midday it is. (I got caught with it too).

Textile Tragic said...

Yeah, I'm not sure what I did with the time, but I think I also needed to hit "publish" even though it wasn't going live yet. I hit save instead. So I think it just saved a draft. Anyway, it's all learning:)