Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Pair of Socks

I finished another pair of socks this morning.

This is the first time I've been seriously tempted to abandon the second sock. The fit isn't as good as the others I've made. I think that's because the cuff is a bit too short, plus continuing the rib through the top of the foot pulls that in a bit more. I've given myself a bit of extra length in the foot to compensate. I'll see how they feel when I wear them. Even if they don't turn out to be my best pair, I'm learning and gaining experience, so it's OK. 


Knitspingirl said...

Loving your socks!
I really like wearing ones with rib carried all the way down the top of the foot - they just feel like they hug your foot better.
Oh & maybe you could fold down the leg part to make cute "fold over" socks! (You could even add some rufflyness for added cuteness!!)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks. The foot-hugging feeling is just what I was after. I don't think I've got enough leg to fold over, but I definitely have plans for ruffliness in the future :)

Dee said...

I had a lovely pair of green woollen socks with the rib running along the top. They were nice to wear on their own. The problem came when I wore shoes as the pressure of the shoes done up nice and firm caused the rib to cut into the top of my foot. It became more painful the longer I wore the shoes so that by the end of the day my feet were seriously sore.
I gave them to Ra who found the same thing. We recently decided that cute and comfy didn't work if it had to be shoeless. They went to charity.
I hope you have a better experience.

Textile Tragic said...

I've got a pair of black mary-jane shoes that are just a bit too big. I'm hoping they might work.