Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This leaf belongs to the grevillea I've been hankering after printing recently. I think it might be a more realistic starting point than the flower itself.

I'm trying to be realistic about the fact that a linocut will be black and white only--or whatever coloured ink I use. And I'm going to have to carve any fiddly little bits without spoiling the rest, so starting slowly sounds like a good idea. Just looking at the picture now, I think I might make the lines a bit thicker. It's only a quick sketch,  but I like to play with it and see how I go. Or maybe I'll try another sketch. Or maybe another cup of coffee first . . .


Sharon said...

I'm enjoying the observation of your grevillea project. I've always wanted to grow one...this is a good way to adopt one!!! I think the flowers are fascinating and the leaves so quickly identifiable. Can't wait to see your next delights in this botanical marvel =)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--they're really easy to grow. I have two badly neglected, yet thriving in my front yard as well as the one on my walk.