Saturday, May 26, 2012

Around and Around

Some jobs in life just come around and around. Clearing my big table is one of those. It seems that every weekend when I think through my "to do" list there it is: clear the big table. Having just about achieved that task this morning, I have room to take a pic of these little black wristies.

I bought the yarn from the wonderful Charly a month or so ago and knitted them up right away. Unusually for me--and for Charly too--they're just plain black. I thought they'd be versatile and I guess they are, but I've realised after wearing them a few times that I can't get excited enough about wearing plain black accessories. They're wonderfully warm, though and having knit up a three-ply yarn I'm not about to waste them. There's a coloured trim coming soon. I just need to choose a colour, pull out the crochet hook and stitch around and around a few times and I think I'll be happy with them. Meanwhile I'd better really finish clearing the big table and decide how to celebrate my achievement.

1 comment:

Dee said...

They sound deliciously soft and warm - tizzied up will add some fun.