Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boo Hoo

I just spent a couple of hours improving my sound system. It should have been a happy occasion, but I came across a few technical difficulties and tough connections and my fingers came off second best.

No I didn't accidentally cut myself, I was very careful with the sharp things. I wore a blister on my finger with the tough connections. And yes, those are real tools: pretty, but real. They are part of my living room set of tools. There's also a matching hammer and screwdrivers. I have the usual ugly ones on a shelf in the hallway. These ones live in a wooden box on a shelf near my armchair. Why? I got them on sale when I used to have a tool shed in the back yard and wanted a handy set for indoors on a dark, cold or wet night. Just for fun really. Now to work out why my new digital radio keeps skipping bits of its high resolution sound. I was told I could buy the cheapest digital radio as long as I plugged it through a decent amplifier. Maybe I was told wrong. I don't really know much about such things.


Dee said...

ow for your finger. when such incidents happen in our household, the injured digit is presented with a request to kiss it better. The kiss doesn't repair the physical injury but it does go some way towards the emotional one. (if only a kiss could make all such wounds better). So I offer you a long distance, digital version... :*. I know woefully inadequate but the best I can manage under the circumstances.

I love your cute tools by the way. Every girl needs a set of cute tools to accomplish all those tooly tasks... and the prettier the better.

Textile Tragic said...

thanks;) just what I needed.