Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Glass and Wire

I finished this necklace yesterday afternoon. It's made from artistic wire and glass beads.
By the time I'd done all the wiring, my fingers were numb from gripping the pliers so hard for so long.
The artistic wire has a copper core, so it's relatively easy to work with, but I used 18 gauge, which is the thickest I own. I only just had enough to wire the beads, so I used purchased jump rings to link everything together. I have some matching beads to make earing with. I can't wait to try get them done so I can see how it all looks. 


Dee said...

I so know what you mean about the numb fingers after working with the pliers for a long time. That necklace looks like it was well work the numbness.

Not so thrilled about auto-incorrect doing its thing on my word recognition three times in a row.

Textile Tragic said...

Sorry about the word recognition thingy--seems to be getting worse, but I'm not quite game to turn it off . . .