Sunday, March 25, 2012


My mad-scientist-pretty-princess-teenage friend E has had a little bit of airtime on this blog recently. Perhaps it's because her taste has that interesting little twist. Or maybe it's the fact that she's so vocally enthusiastic about what she likes. So much so that I find myself making things that freak me out just a little.
I bought the plastic skull beads from Charly last weekend with E in mind. When I was talking with her about how she'd like me to use the spare eyeballs--would you believe hair clips?--I told her about the skull beads too. Her request was for earrings. Oh, and a necklace or a charm bracelet if there are enough left over. . . Red and black seemed a natural choice, but I wasn't prepared for how much impact the little silver spacers would add to the arrangement. Considering I received links to a couple of steampunk blogs from E yesterday, I think I might just be on the right track with those. Now I must pop the earrings in a little envelope and label them carefully. I really don't want to keep looking at them!
Note to self: E's older sister is much less vocal about her preferences, but she likes blue shiny things and stars--so much less freaky for me to make. I must remember to indulge her soon too.


Dee said...

They sure are eye-catching. E will love them.

Sharon said...

Fabulously striking!!! I was impressed with the silver balls too even before I read your mention of them. And I particularly like the large black diamond shaped bead at the bottom, coupled with its red mate. Very clownish (reminds of a particularly unpleasant Stephen King film I saw as a young twentysomething...shudder!) What an *eye* you have for balance! (pardon the pun)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks! I hadn't thought of the clown anology but what's the huge percentage of kids who are scared of clowns--here I am adding to the damage;)

Teen Friend E said...

mine mine mine mine mine
you're the bestest

Textile Tragic said...

LOL--I guess that's what I mean by enthusiastic!