Wednesday, September 14, 2011


By the time I'd completed the dreaded paperwork which I'd set myself to tackle yesterday I'd used up half the day and most of my available energy. I have yet to unpack the car after the market, and somehow my knitting bag got mixed up with that stuff on Monday so my "easy and blue" shawl wasn't available. I know it's crazy but opening the front door and walking maybe twenty metres to get it just seemed like too much effort! So I cast on something else.

It's another little wristie. This is some hand-dyed baby wool that I wound off the skein to use in some of the open-textured scarves I made for the market. So it was sitting in the basket next to my armchair. I noticed at the market that I could do with some more wristies, so they're on their way. Not that there's likely to be much demand for them in the warmer months, but I don't enjoy making the same thing over and over, so maybe this way I can slowly build up enough to have a good range for next year.

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