Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clearing Out

One of my tasks yesterday was to tackle my living room. I've been waiting on the arrival of a new lounge suite and to my surprise the delivery time was several weeks less than I'd been quoted. My unit is crowded at the best of times, so my current lounge chairs have to go before the new furniture comes in. My plan is to sell the chairs on eBay. I'm new to this, but have been told a clear picture is the most important thing.

Preparing to take that picture involved a multi-layered textile adventure. Obstacles included
  • crochet blanket and cushions on the chair itself
  • mixed fibre fluff and dust on the floor
  • box of market gear left over from a couple of weekends ago in the corner of the room
  • hand-dyed cotton skeins hanging on the wall behind the chair
  • makings of another crochet blanket stacked next to the chair
You can hardly tell from the picture, can you!

Unfortunately getting things going on eBay is proving to be another obstacle. I hit various technical snags last night and decided to try again with a clear head this morning. The customer support line is now open, so that's my next challenge.

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