Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Model Magic

I've been working on paper mache display props for my stall at the Made in Thornbury Market this weekend. I figure paper mache gives me the reality of lumpy-bumpiness and asymmetry that we all enjoy in real life.
This manequin was originally white styrofoam and rather idealistic in it's shape. It then had a  time of being covered in newspaper--I've searched back through my blog and am surprised that I can't find a picture of it in that form. Now it's covered in brown paper and several coats of sealer to go with my new look.

I'm at the sorting and labelling phase of my market preparation. Though I can't guarantee that there won't be a burst of creativity or two yet before Saturday. And in case you've missed it somehow: you're invited! Please come to the market at 99 Leinster Grove, Thornbury. It's on from 10 am til 2 pm.


Dee said...

It makes quite a change.
You know you could have called it a mummy and been in with all the hundreds of halloween posts at the moment. (I swear it is bigger than Christmas)

Kate Campbell Designs said...

I love it! It will look great with the rest of your 'look'!

Dee said...

Love the mannequin ! Seeyou Saturday......