Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catching Up on Z's

It's the first day of daylight saving here in Melbourne. A funny concept when you come to think of it--reflecting our preoccupation with the clock. So according to the new clock I lost an hour of sleep last night. And I've had a cluster of--unusual for me--evening commitments lately. I've taken a slow morning as a result, followed by an after-lunch nap.

In between catching up on sleep I've been finishing off some of the display props for my market stall next week. I'll show you the paper mache creations once they've had a chance to dry and I've had a chance to retrieve my big table from under the pile of debris. There is enough space to show you this one:
Z is for Z Twist Art! It's painted and ready to draw attention to itself.
Now to celebrate what promises to be a sunny afternoon--and the extra hour of evening daylight--with a nice ride while the paint dries. I think I have a plan. 


Dee said...

such a clever pun. love that big Z, it should certainly draw attention and display items well.

Dee said...

I'm getting very excited to see your stall set up!