Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time and Travel

Somehow in the last ten years or so some of the discarded objects of my childhood years have become desirable. With labels like "retro" and "vintage", these everyday objects are now attractive, relatively rare and possibly valuable. It's taking me a while to catch up with the trend. And, having moved house more times than I care to count in my young adult years, I have few relics of those early days. So it was that I found myself scouring the back shelves of Vinnies yesterday in a hunt for suitcases.
I'm planning to share a stall with a few others at the next Made 'n' Thornbury Market. We need a way to tie our diverse product ranges into a unified display. Old suitcases could be the way to go. I didn't own any. Now I do. Thankfully these were sold to me as just old so I got them for a price I was willing to pay. I'd like do a bit of patching and cleaning without investing too much time and energy. If we decide to go with some other display theme they will be useful for storing my wares. 

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Dee said...

Remember those old suitcases we painted up for the girls? We were ahead of our time in attempting to give them new life... our only problem was that we tried to use them as suitcases instead of as decoration and static storage. Once full they were too heavy to carry and we had to pay the exorbitant airport trolley prices. The addition of wheels to suitcases one intends to use for travel is much kinder to one's arms and back than those oldies, even if lacking retro cred.
Using the for display, stock storage and to transport ones items for sale - brilliant application for such oldies.