Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Festival Day

My day at the Merlynston Diverse Voices Festival was close to ideal.
I spent the day spinning and demonstrating to people of all ages.
The weather was fine. The people were friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in my work.
There was a great group of children who kept coming back to see what I was doing. Several of them had a go on my CD drop spindle. One girl--aged about 9, I think--stuck with it for a couple of hours until she had mastered the skill and then bought a kit to take home.
A woman told me she had "sheering a sheep; spinning and knitting a jumper from the fleece" on her bucket list. She too got started with a kit.
I had knitting needles and wool available so knitters could contribute to the bunting project.
I enjoyed watching people pick over the items on my stall, choosing just the right one out of the variety of colours, textures and sizes. I sold enough to justify the day in financial terms--it was already more than justified in terms of human value. I just wish I could find more opportunities like this in my neighbourhood. If I can't find them, maybe I'll have to help to create them.

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Dee said...

Here's to making opportunities for such lovely human interaction!
So glad the day was a good one for you.
I don't suppose any one managed to get any pics of you in action? They would be very worth having.