Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keys Please!

My driving lesson with E didn't turn out quite as planned yesterday.

Stalling the car is to be expected of learner driver. In fact E doesn't make that mistake very often, but this time instead of re-starting the car she found herself with a snapped off key in her hand. We declared the lesson officially over!

A couple of phone calls later, I discovered that the clever electronic gizmo that releases the car security needs to be active at the same time as the car is being started. The broken key on the right is my "spare". It has just enough space on the broken off part to grip and turn. The newly broken key was a total loss. A trip to the locksmith revealed that this is a common problem--let's call it a design fault. So instead of practicing steering and gear changes we had an exercise in patience and problem solving.

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Dee said...

I have told this story to several folks today and they have all heard of similar things. It seems to be one of those issues with such style of keys and it seems to be across several makes of car. I could remember the make of your car. one was a Holden Commodore and another was a Nissan.

Haha... the word verification is RESETT. kinda what you had to do for your key.